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ColorWave® 300 multifunction system

Don't waste a bit of valuable space. Jump over to the one system that can do it all. The Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system effortlessly handles all your color and black and white print, scan, and copy jobs. And the optional top delivery tray saves even more space by neatly collating and stacking your documents.

Designed around your needs and our long understanding of the wide format industry, the Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system delivers the quality and flexibility of a color printer with the ease of use and workflow efficiency of a monochrome system. It's the first truly integrated all-in-one color multifunction system for large format users.

One system for all of your tasks:print, copy, and scan in color and black and white
Print, copy, and scan all your color and black and white wide format documents on one system. Thanks to the top mounted scanner, all functions can be controlled from one simple user panel. Unique Océ technologies, like Océ Image Logic® technology ensures first-time right results, while Océ Dynamic Switching technology maximizes productivity of mixed drawings—all without complex print settings or user configuration. Whether you are printing complex GIS or BIM drawings or copying detailed black and white CAD documents, the Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system is up for the job.

The powerful controller swiftly handles the most widely used file formats— HP-Gl/2, PDF, DWF, JPEG and many more—and large files in concurrent operation without sacrificing speed. Files can be submitted via state-of-the-art drivers and job submission tools.

Realize further flexibility by printing from and scanning to a USB flash drive. The optional Océ Repro Desk® Studio software lets you preview prints to avoid misprints and effortlessly track your print volumes and costs.

The Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system is a true all-in-one:

  • One system for all your technical applications
  • One system that can be easily operated by all users
  • One system footprint for stacking all your documents
  • One system that can handle your large format document needs today and tomorrow

One system that saves: reduce floor space and costs
Reduce floor space requirements by replacing multiple printers and scanners with a single system that can handle both color and monochrome output. The top delivery tray eliminates the need for an extra stacking table, allowing neatly collated copies/prints to be easily picked up from the front. Media and ink are loaded from the front for further convenience.

Reduce cost by investing in one system to do both color and monochrome tasks. Consolidating multiple devices to one system simplifies supply requirements and IT support resources. And the design and technology of the Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system lowers energy consumption compared to conventional monochrome systems.

One system to grow with your needs: grow your business sustainably
Boost your competitive edge by applying monochrome or color as needed to enhance documents and make your company stand out. The Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system easily accommodates monochrome jobs without compromising on throughput for color applications.

The Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system helps achieve a more sustainable working environment. Waste is eliminated by using automatic original and media size recognition and image positioning features to avoid misprints. And your working environment is not affected by ozone, dust, or odors.

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