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The Océ Power Logic Controller is the heart of the new Océ TDS Series of wide format printing, copying and scanning systems. It is about allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

It's about time
Optimized document workflow means productivity. Productivity saves you time. Time savings allow employees to get back to core tasks. The Océ Power Logic® controller provides this time savings. Users can scan, print and copy simultaneously, thanks to true system concurrency. The controller also processes, spools and stores jobs independently, meaning several people can use the system at once. And set-processing delivers automatically sorted document sets, ready for distribution, without any loss in performance.

It's about communication
The Océ Power Logic® controller is a communications system, communicating with all connected users, even via the Internet. Océ Print Exec LT Web software, for example, allows all users to submit print jobs through a Web browser. And with Océ Remote Logic® back-channel communication, users can easily check system status and media availability. They can also view and manage the print queue remotely, reducing frustration and saving valuable time.

Communicate hardcopy as digital
Océ Scan Logic® software, which allows you to scan-to-file directly to your local network, or to scan-to-web to any connected location using the Internet. With one touch on the scanner panel, you send the scan to one of several fully customizable, previously designated locations which is a perfect way to start your digital archive. Océ Scan Logic also offers direct scan-to-PDF capability, allowing you to deliver your hardcopy documents as digital to any location in the world, in a convenient format.

Accounting for your work
Accurately tracking your printing, copying and scanning activities can help you keep a tighter lid on document-production costs. The Océ Power Logic® controller provides account-logging facilities, which record activities by project or account number. So you easily track project costs and can efficiently bill the correct department for document services. That's a better solution.

A better solution for today AND tomorrow
Ever-more-complex files increase your customers' need for documents with crisp lines and sharp details. The Océ Power Logic® controller gives true representations of all drawings, with the correct fonts, lines and imagery. And it provides this high quality for common formats: TIFF, HPGL/2, Adobe® PostScript®3™-and, uniquely, for direct scanning and printing in PDF, an increasingly important standard in technical documentation. Both TIFF and PDF, moreover, are highly secure formats in which to store scanned documents, ensuring the reproducibility of digital documents for years.

The Océ Power Logic platform allows for continued development of new solutions, new applications, and integration into other systems. It is a truly open means of communicating with the full range of Océ TDS systems, from the workgroup TDS400 to the central production TDS800.


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