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TDS700 system

Highly productive system with 9 D-size prints per minute and capable of running, uninterrupted, for over 10,000 square feet!
Unique, long-term investment – Ideally fulfills your current requirements and field upgradeable for your changing needs
Flexible and configurable to your environment - 2-6 roll plus cut sheet tray and two scanner options – productive high volume monochrome or color scanning
Superior output quality with 600x1200 dpi pico printing
Optimized workflow with intuitive software options
Small footprint with integrated output receiving tray on top of system
Effiecient, productive printing
Designed with streamlined production in mind, users spend less time printing, copying and scanning with the following distinctive features:
  • 6 roll media capability and toner loading-while-printing offer over 10,000 square feet of uninterrupted printing capability without the need to stop the system to load toner or paper
  • Instant-on printing capability with the revolutionary Océ Radiant Fusing Technology ensures that output is received when you need it without waiting for warm up time
  • The integrated output receiving tray on top of the system takes up less space and neatly stacks collated output for easy access and no post process sorting required
  • Ergonomically designed media roll loading including automatic cutters in every drawer and a media roll rest ensures that employees can quickly and easily load media.
  • Robust software applications for print submission and job management ensure control of the system
  • Inuitive user panels and controls ensure that users get the output they need with minimal effort.
Robust features for use in a workgroup or central repro department
Easy-to-use tools for printing from your desk top or managing print jobs on a larger scale:
  • Feature-rich desktop or web-based print submission applications make printing collated sets easy.
  • Certified Microsoft Windows Drivers, AutoCAD HDI Drivers, and true Adobe PostScript/PDF ensure that all the information will be printed accurately.
  • Cutting-edge queue management enables the prioritization and reprinting of copy and print jobs for enhanced system control.
  • Unique scanner templates customize the scanner settings, minimizing time spent defining scanner setting, making the system even more user-friendly from a walk up environment.
Superior Print Quality
  • Exceptional 600 x1200 dpi pico printing ensures incredible quality output – sharp, fine details, smooth grey scales, and brilliant renderings of 3-D drawings and intricate graphics.
  • Project a professional image with every print – ensuring that all the details are accurately displayed in every print.
Optimized workflow
  • Concurrent scanning, copying, and printing minimizes queue length and employee downtime.
  • The Océ Power Logic Controller quickly processes even large files to speed printing and minimize time waiting for printing.
  • One-step scan-to-file enables scanning to just about any location (controller, FTP, or network location) minimizes time digitizing documents for storage or distribution.
Proven reliability minimizes downtime
Reliability is the hallmark of Océ technology – ensuring the ability to meet your tough deadlines. Océ systems are highly regarded for their continuous, trouble-free performance – minimizing system and employee downtime.
Océ Image Logic® technology offers superior copy quality
Océ Image Logic was developed by Océ with the objective that all originals should be copied or scanned to file with the optimum quality level the first time, without any operator intervention except in the case of special or difficult originals. 

Océ Image Logic is a state-of-the-art technology that provides the most productive, reliable, and easy to use solution for high quality copying and scanning available on the market. Océ Image Logic consistently turns imperfect originals into perfect copies and scans.
Océ Scan Logic®
Océ Scan Logic® is a premium scan-to-file solution and is available on most of the Océ TDS range of products including monochrome and color. 

The Océ Scan Logic scan-to-file software solution enables users to:
  • Scan to any destination, including the Océ Power Logic Controller®, your network or an FTP site
  • Scan directly to all popular file formats, including TIFF, PDF and JPG
  • Patented Océ Image Logic® technology ensures optimal quality
  • Océ Scan Logic software ensures consistency and accuracy on color scans.
Océ Account Center turns printing costs into income
Organizations that find it difficult to control and allocate costs will find that the optional Océ Account Center software is a reliable and easy-to-use tool for cost recovery. You can track all the printing, copying and scanning activities of the system and allocate the costs to the users, departments and projects to which they belong. Océ Account Center ensures reimbursement by turning those costs into chargeable income
Learn more about the Océ TDS700
Océ TDS700 Brochure (PDF)
Océ TDS700 Spec Sheet (PDF)


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