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Synergix Print System 510dp

At each of its upgradeable speeds, 5Ds, 7Ds, or 10Ds per minute, the Synergix Print System 510dp is the fastest comparable printer on the market, but so much more. For workgroups producing CAD and GIS documents, the Synergix Print System 510dp stands alone.


Itís customizable, so you can spec your own solutions. Itís affordable, with low initial cost and even lower operating costs. Itís scalable, so you can add capability exactly when you need it, like extra online media, or scanning. In short, itís real investment protection.

Synergix Copy System 510dp

Adding the Synergix Scan System transforms the Synergix Print System 510dp into a reprographics powerhouse—copy, print, scan to file and scan to print. It’s precise, so it actually improves upon hard-to-read originals. You can even upgrade the scanner to full color, without replacing equipment. When you see any of the over 60 possible ways to configure this system, you’ll see why it has the wide-format world thinking…


You can customize a solution to your exact needs. Starting from the most basic configuration, you can double your printing and scanning speeds, triple your paper capacity and add folding, stacking and software capabilities whenever you want.


You can upgrade the Synergix Print System 510dp any time, without replacing equipment, so you can choose the enhancements you want when it's best for your business and your budget. Why buy more, or settle for less, than you need?


The industry benchmark AccXES controller and associated software seamlessly integrate every Synergix solution with your network and operating environment. It comes with a Web Printer Manager Tool for remote system administration via a browser. Whether you are working in your document application of choice, assembling digital jobs at your desktop or scanning documents, the easy-to-understand interface shows printer status and keeps you in control.

Concurrency is the key to maximum throughput, so printing; scanning and copying are all overlapped at the highest level in the industry. You can even interrupt a print job and restart it without missing a beat – or a page. For extra productivity, the patented CMOS image sensor array in the scanner self-calibrates for every print. This virtually eliminates the need for makeovers and periodic alignment service calls.


Patented Xerox MicroDensity technology assures consistent high quality prints with excellent edge-to-edge accuracy. You'll see blacker solid fills and finer, crisper lines, with 256 grayscale levels to optimize halftones and shading. Plus, all output is of archival quality.


The Synergix Print System 510dp continuously vacuums loose toner particles to reduce contamination and improve uptime and reliability. It also provides the highest toner yield in its class.


Count on outstanding compatibility with the way you do work. The Synergix Print System 510dp automatically processes most popular file formats, including Adobe® PostScript® 3 and PDF, CGM, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG and more. The print drivers supplied run in Windows NT/2000/XP environments. And you can scan to multiple file formats, including PDF, storing full color files in 24, 8 or 4 bit sizes.


World-class Xerox digital imaging technology is the key, plus the 3-year Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee, the industry's longest and strongest.


Products that carry the ENERGY STAR® label are designed to use less energy, help you save money on utility bills, and help protect the environment.


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