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6030/6050 Printer with Scan System

The Xerox 6030/6050 Wide Format Printer is a mid-volume print / copy system with a variety of options. Two speeds are offered, 6- D/minute (6030) and 9- D/minute (6050). Both the 6030 and 6050 are available in Printer (WFP) and Copier/Printer (WFCP) configurations. All models include an embedded Copy / Print Controller (C/P Controller). An integrated scanner is included on the Copier/Printer models.

The AccXES print server is an option on all systems. Printer models can be configured as Wide Format Copy Systems with the AccXES controller and the Xerox Wide Format Scanner.

The 6030/6050 is intended for use as a network printer and a walk-up copier. The expected average monthly volume is 6,000-10,000 linear feet (17,500-29,000 square feet).


  • Copies/prints per minute:
    • 6030 - 6 D/min.
    • 6050 - 9 D/min.
  • 600x600 dpi copy resolution; up to 600x1200 dpi printing resolution; 400x400 dpi scan-to-file resolution
  • 6.4 micron mono-component toner for fine line reproduction, smooth curves and diagonals, small readable text and excellent halftones, shaded areas and fills
  • 256 levels of grayscale for excellent renderings and screened lines
  • Up to 4 ips scan speed (up to 7.2 ips for scan-to-file); 4.1 ips printing for exceptional productivity
  • Optional manual paper feed/multi-sheet inserter for special media, e.g., three hole drilled, color paper or the occasional full size vellum or polyester film
  • Full multifunction concurrency: the printer or scanner ready for the user when they need it; especially useful for rush jobs that need immediate attention
  • Options for scan-to-file (mono and color)
  • Printer drivers and client tools for easy print job submission and sets requirements
  • Web-based administration tools for users to check job and printer status and for administrators setup and maintenance use
  • Includes AccXES controller for additional data formats and network protocols
  • Energy Star Certified and user-controlled power saver modes
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee still unmatched by the competition



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