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Synergix Print System 721p

Whether you run a centralized reprographics department or a print-for-pay business, you work in a world of impossible deadlines and demands. At 22 Ds per minute, the Synergix Print System 721p lets you do more, faster and better than ever before. It consistently delivers superb images, even at the highest monthly volumes.


It consistently delivers superb images, even at the highest monthly volumes. But that’s not all. The speedy Synergix Print System 721p is affordable, setting a new standard in the industry. It’s priced up to 50% less than similar but slower alternatives, and its 100% effective use of toner significantly lowers operating costs.

Synergix Copy System 721p

Adding the Synergix Scan System transforms the Synergix Print System 721p into a highly productive reprographics solution - copying, printing and scanning, including color scan-to-file. The Synergix Scan System can sit conveniently on top of the printer, so in tight or costly spaces the Synergix Copy System 721p fits right in. An entire solution, printer, scanner and controller, uses less than 15 square feet, not including service access. When you see the Synergix Copy System 721p in action you’ll see why it has the wide-format world thinking…


The Synergix Print System 721p is more than the world’s fastest wide-format solution; it’s a way to meet your customers’ demands in a challenging business environment, sooner and easier. Together with the Synergix Scan System, which now supports copying at 7.3 ips, you can move rapidly from paper to digital documents and back.


The Synergix Print System 721p delivers high volume output with high uptime and high image quality, even when it’s almost out of toner. For non-stop operation, the system automatically alerts you to low toner and media. You can then add toner, as well as media, on the fly, without pausing the printer. It’s easy to preload media since the printer ships with an extra spindle.

It’s also easy to support established workflows while planning new ones. For unprecedented compatibility, you can connect seamlessly to networks through the AccXES® controller, PlotWorks® software or both, configured as you choose. You can even process standard Repro Desk ™ files and jobs for more flexibility in directing work where you want it, automatically or under operator control. For top throughput, copying, scanning and printing are all overlapped.


Xerox DocuSharp ™ print technology assures excellent image quality with clean diagonals and curves, crisp fine lines and smooth well-defined grayscales. DocuSharp technology automatically applies extra “mini-pixel” image data to improve visual appearance, and in the case of diagonals and curves, reduce stairstepping. For fine control, DocuSharp Technology can be applied in four levels of intensity, user-selectable at the printer.


Lower total cost of ownership with less downtime equals higher return on investment. The single component developer system with its 100% toner utilization increases yield, reliability and print quality — and lowers T.C.O. even more. And your Synergix Print System 721p provides uptime so reliable, it’s backed by the exclusive 3-year Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee, the industry’s longest and strongest.


Products that carry the ENERGY STAR® label are designed to use less energy, help you save money on utility bills, and help protect the environment. The Synergix Print System’s quiet, fume-free operation makes it even friendlier.


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